Think you’ve got game? It’s time to put it to the test: acclaimed Chinese dating sim Love Is All Around appears to be PlayStation bound, following its surprise hit release on PC. The game – an FMV affair where you assume the role of apparent alpha male Gu Yi – will require you to use your new-found rizz, as you attempt to woo one of six beauties, each with their own totally-not-stereotypical personalities.

It’s a full first-person experience, where the characters all interact with you directly. As the developer itself explains: “We are all nerds who want to have a date every day, but will never step out of the house to the real world. Therefore, we would like use interactive video as tool to create one fantasy dream after another, to create dreams for players, and to make our dreams come true for ourselves.”

This trailer was uploaded to PlayStation Asia’s YouTube channel, so it’s already fully localised with English subtitles. There’s actually no confirmation of whether this will be available on PS5 or PS4, but given the fact it’s entirely presented in FMV, it doesn’t really make a difference. We’ll try and get confirmation of a release date in the West.