Publisher Outright Games has announced Transformers: Galactic Trials, a new game starring everyone's favourite giant alien robots. It's a curious blend of genres, with the game's two halves dividing your time between arcade-style racing and third-person combat sequences with rogue-lite elements.

"After the evil NEMESIS PRIME steals the Prime Relics, the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS must set out on a rip-roaring adventure to recover these artefacts and control the incredible powers they bestow," reads the press release. Playing as either Autobots or Decepticons, you'll use their vehicle forms to race around, then switch to their bot forms to engage in battles to defeat enemies. Throughout these stages, which are a mix of both gameplay styles, you'll collect relics that'll power your bot up, so you'll be even more powerful when you next get back to the action. Collect enough and you'll also unlock more Transformers to play as.

Galactic Trials mode is the single-player campaign, and the game also features an Arcade mode in which you can play local multiplayer against a friend.

It all sounds like it'll be a pretty fun idea, though whether the combination of gameplay styles will work in practice is another matter. The trailer is fun and colourful, though, so we're hoping it'll deliver a good time when it launches later in the year.

Transformers: Galactic Trials is scheduled for release on 11th October on PS5 and PS4. Will you be rolling out with this one? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.