Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream now has a confirmed 4th October release date on PS5, and it's set to take Sword Art Online games in a somewhat new direction. In case you missed the initial reveal, this is primarily an online co-op adventure, as groups of up to 20 characters can take part in raid-style battles.

Still, despite its focus on large-scale action, Fractured Daydream does have its own story, complete with a cast of recurring Sword Art Online characters. In fact, it sounds a lot like a crossover game, as it incorporates characters from a number of different seasons.

The press release reads: "The Galaxia system spirals out of control, causing a breach in time and space, creating a new version that mixes worlds and timelines. Characters from various arcs of the Sword Art Online series are left to fend for themselves in this uncharted world, creating unexpected alliances even with enemies and reviving memories as they try to set the timeline back on track."

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