The slick, sci-fi detective game Nobody Wants to Die continues to impress, this time in 10 minutes of gritty gameplay, courtesy of IGN. Shockingly, it's out next week, launching on 17th July on PS5, and it looks like the kind of hard-boiled noir thriller we could see ourselves getting lost in.

Developed by Critical Hit and published by Plaion, the narrative (naturally) revolves around investigating a killer on the loose, using powers of time manipulation to re-create crime scenes and put all the pieces together. With a retro-futuristic take on art-deco design aesthetics, it even has a bit of BioShock about it, so colour us intrigued.

What do you think of Nobody Wants to Die? Are you a fan of this sort of narrative mystery, and will you be picking it up when it launches? Take another strong drink to steel yourself to face the mean streets again in the comments section below.