The marketing behind Star Wars Outlaws is leaning hard into the fact it is the "first" open world Star Wars game, despite the fact Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was basically that anyway. Still, the experience from The Division 2 developer Massive Entertainment is doing it all seamlessly, which is probably where it would tell you the difference lies. That open world is now the subject of an IGN First video, providing a deep dive into how the playable universe operates, along with all the activities you'll encounter along the way. Check it out above.

Across the 21-minute video, Massive Entertainment higher-ups discuss how the game is designed to feel like a new cinematic, story experience despite its open-ended nature. Essentially, it's going to feel like an Uncharted with hand-crafted set pieces in the main missions, and then vast and explorative once you leave those confines for the open world.

It's confirmed you'll need to uncover a fog of war when you land on a new planet, meaning your map won't immediately be covered with icons — you'll instead need to discover locations and quests yourself. There are also further talking points surrounding the loyalty system, your reputation, and abilities within the deep dive. Star Wars Outlaws comes to PS5 on 30th August 2024, and has been named as your second-most anticipated game for the rest of 2024. It only lost out to Astro Bot, which is out just one week later.