Bare Butt Boxing is an incredibly fun-looking multiplayer brawler which is leaving Steam Early Access and coming to Switch and PC first, promised for PS5 and PS4 at a future date. The concept is a fairly simple one: mischievous and colourful aliens, entranced by the concept of bare-knuckle fisticuffs, land on Earth in order to host underground boxing bouts. Why do they choose not to wear pants while doing so? That aspect remains unclear.

According to developer Tuatara (thanks, Gematsu), players can collect item boxes to use special powers when fists fail, such as a powerful vacuum to suck up the competition or a temporary frenzied state to turn the tables on the opposition. All cosmetics are fully available for use in solo play and can be unlocked via coins for multiplayer matches, with (presumably) plenty of bottomless options for those looking to gain a potentially distracting competitive edge.

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