Love is in the air, at least for the amorous inhabitants of The Sims 4, with EA revealing that its upcoming Lovestruck expansion is all about romance and infatuation. A surprisingly raunchy trailer for the DLC offering shows off the kinds of moves inhabitants of the free-to-play social sim will be able to pull when it launches on 25th July, and preorders or purchases through until 5th September will be rewarded with the additional Heartbreak Happens Digital Content pack.

Players can look forward to customizing their Sim's Cupid's Corner dating app and meeting interested others for intimate interactions such as cuddling in bed or some steamy, seductive dancing. At an expensive $59.95 (or your local equivalent), we hope the offering is appropriately robust and that interested punters' most fervent desires are met.

Are you a Sims 4 super fan? Will you be lining up to get luck in love with the game's upcoming Lovestruck expansion? Keep things Rated T for Teen in the comments section below.