A PS5 development kit, under the guise of pizza-cooking equipment, has been sold on eBay for €6,050 — about $6,500.

First brought to light by X user consolevariations, somebody has sold off a PS5 dev kit for a handsome sum, dressing it up as some sort of kitchen appliance. As you can see in the below image, the dev kit's V-shaped channel is perfect for holding a slice of pizza:

We love the extra effort put in here with the spatula sporting the PlayStation logo, and the frozen pizza boxes in the background. Just incredible work from all involved.

A dev kit is a machine containing all the hardware found in the retail release of a console, provided to studios for internal use only, to allow them to work on games for that system. They usually look vastly different to the final consoles, and the PS5's dev kit certainly follows that rule.

As noted by Tom's Hardware, dev kits like this are strictly monitored to ensure they're not tampered with, removed from approved locations, and so on. Whoever purchased this 'PizzaStation 5 Development Pizza Kit' may be disappointed when they turn it on and find it totally bricked by Sony.

It's said that this transaction may have occurred years ago, so this may in fact be old news, but it's a strange and amusing story nonetheless. What are your thoughts on the PizzaStation 5? Get your orders in the comments section below.

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