PS Plus Essential July 2024

PS Plus Essential members can look forward to another three PS5, PS4 titles to download and play when they next boot their system up, with the service's monthly game refresh now available. You have got until Tuesday, 6th August 2024 to claim the following:

It was expected this time around, but the results of our weekend Poll taking your thoughts on the lineup were extremely negative. Of more than 5,000 votes, 51 per cent of readers said "it's a crap selection" of games. It means just three per cent of voters were "very happy" with what they've been handed for July 2024. Borderlands 3 is what the community is excited to play most, but even then, it only garnered 16 per cent of the votes.

Have you changed your mind at all about this month's titles? At least claim the PS5, PS4 games in the comments below.