Frontier has revealed a sequel to its PS5 launch title Planet Coaster will launch for Sony's current-gen console later this year. Planet Coaster 2 will expand on the theme park building simulation gameplay of the original and couple it with all-new water park construction. As well as roller coasters, you can put together water slides. Watch the trailer above.

According to a press release, everything is bigger and better in Planet Coaster 2. The building and pathing tools have received an overhaul to make them more detailed and intuitive, while new theming options allow you to take the visitor experience at your park to the next level. Across a wide selection of returning rides and new coasters, you'll be able to improve the immersion of rides "by using the enhanced event sequencer tool, combining animatronics, smoke, water jets, sound, and more in dazzling displays throughout individual rides and across" the whole park.

There'll be three game modes on offer: Career, Franchise, and Sandbox. Other options include online functionality where you can visit your friend's theme park, or build one together through the Sandbox mode. The Frontier Workshop will also offer blueprints for rides and entire parks you can download, created by other players.

You'll get the first look at Planet Coaster 2 gameplay on 31st July 2024, and more information will follow on the final Wednesday of every month in the Frontier Unlocked livestreams. Are you excited by the prospect of a Planet Coaster sequel? Let us know in the comments below.