Rocket Racing, the actually-pretty-good arcade racing mode within Fortnite, now has some NASCAR content. Yes, the American motorsport is officially represented in Epic's metaverse thanks to a collaboration with developer Karta, and it's playable in the game right now.

Players will be able to race around a new circuit, Chicago Street Race, based upon the real-world event that's due to happen a little later this month. While it's based on a real track, the in-game representation isn't shy about utilising Rocket Racing's bells and whistles, meaning you'll find plenty of boost pads, alternate routes, opportunities to drive upside down, and so on. You can get a brief look at the circuit in the above video.

This is just the first NASCAR race to be brought into Rocket Racing, as there are more planned going forward, which is pretty cool.

Will you be checking out NASCAR's official Rocket Racing track? Let us know in the comments section below.