MultiVersus Update Prepares for Agent Smith, Adds Modes, Rebalances Characters, More 1

WB Games' free-to-play platform fighter, MultiVersus, is imminently set to receive a huge game update, adding support for the latest playable character and making lots of adjustments and improvements. Agent Smith will be joining the fun this month, but there's plenty more to look forward to with this patch.

Agent Smith will go live for all players on 23rd July 2024, when you can purchase him using your Fighter Currency. However, he can be unlocked as early as 8th July if you complete enough Rifts in the 'Beat Rifts, Get Agent Smith Free' event.

Speaking of Rifts, these have been adjusted to decrease the number of stars required to unlock everything. Additionally, a new button will allow you to auto-equip gems if your current ones are mismatched, as well as options to retry a Rift or leave a Rift immediately (when in single-player).

Elsewhere, the update will add two modes to MultiVersus: Free for All and Spectator. The former simply removes the typical team-based aspects from the battle, with all four players competing to reach four ring-outs first. The latter allows up to four people to watch matches in Custom Game mode.

The update will also reintroduce post-match stats, add a daily free item in the shop, and implement more input preferences. On top of all that, lots of changes have been made with regards to character balancing; Bugs Bunny and Banana Guard have been nerfed, while others have been given a buff, such as LeBron James, Finn, and Jake.

You can see the full patch notes through the link. The update will be added to the game later today.

Are you still enjoying MultiVersus? Are you looking forward to playing as Agent Smith? Let us know in the comments section below.

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