Metro Awakening PSVR2 1

Upcoming PSVR2 game Metro Awakening has been treated to some new screenshots and a developer interview on the PlayStation Blog ahead of its release later this year. A spin-off of the Metro series, it's confirmed the story of Awakening was created by author Dmitry Glukhovsky, who penned the books the franchise is based on. He's come up with a brand new, more personal tale based on a new character for Metro Awakening.

As a result, the combat in the PSVR2 spin-off is a little slower-paced, but there'll still be some action-heavy sequences. "But rest assured for everybody that is a little bit more trigger-happy, there's plenty of classic Metro action in the game," said creative director Martin de Ronde. Game director Samar Louwe then adds: "I think it’s also good to say that the mainline games, of course, have Artyom. After the first game he becomes a Spartan. But in [Metro Awakening], our protagonist is not necessarily a combat expert. So with that in mind, it also fits better to have a bit of a slower pace to the combat versus narrative than the original Metro series."

Elsewhere in the interview, it's revealed franchise developer 4A Games has supplied Vertigo Games with assets from the main series, which are either used directly in Awakening or have inspired new visuals. In terms of making the experience more immersive with a PSVR2 headset strapped to your face, some UI aspects have been translated into in-game actions. Instead of a bullet counter on-screen, you'll need to pull the magazine out of your gun and count how many bullets you have left. Then, to put on your gas mask, you first need to place your backpack on the ground and detach it. "It seems like a really small thing but it is kind of like those subtle elements that make you forget that you’re playing a game when it’s just there."

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