Raiden has a long and storied history as a vertical shooter in arcades, but now developer MOSS has announced a Super Stardust HD-style makeover for the series, which will see it adopt a twin-stick format. Due out in Japan on 31st October, there’s no word on a Western release just yet, but we’d be surprised if it didn’t make its way overseas eventually.

According to a Gematsu translation of the game’s website, there’ll be an Arcade Mode in the final release, with up to six stages. There’ll also be an Unlimited option for those looking to dominate the leaderboards. It sounds like quite a straight-forward package in terms of content, but the real value here will be the eye-watering action, we assume.

There’s a trailer embedded above which should give you an idea of what to expect. But if you can’t wait for a Western release of this game, various versions of Raiden 3, Raiden 4, and Raiden 5 are all available right now on the PS5 and PS4 – and they come highly recommended.

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