Huge Genshin Impact Rival Wuthering Waves Could Be Coming to PS5, PS4 Sooner Than Expected 1
Image: Push Square

Wuthering Waves was announced for PS5 and PS4 long before it launched earlier this year, but unlike Zenless Zone Zero, its console version is coming at a later date. Now the gacha game appears to have established itself as a strong alternative to Genshin Impact, fans have been searching for scraps of evidence of the impending PlayStation port – and it looks like it may not be too far away.

Eagle-eyed dataminers have discovered PSN logos within the file directory for the release’s latest update, suggesting we may not be forced to wait much longer. It’s never ideal when gacha games are delayed on their target platforms, because the nature of them means those joining the action late will miss out on time-limited characters and rewards.

Unlike juggernaut developer HoYoverse, however, this is Kuro’s first attempt at a game on this kind of scale; its previous release, Punishing Gray Raven, was quite a lot smaller in scope and only launched on PC and mobile. We’re confident there’ll be some PlayStation news before the end of the year, but in the meantime, these datamined symbols confirm that progress is at least being made on the port.