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Frustrated Elden Ring players who jumped into the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, ignored tutorial messages, and expected a cake-walk, vented their spleens by review bombing the DLC on Steam. This caused the critically acclaimed offering to drop to Mixed, although, in fairness, the PC version was also plagued by performance issues. Now, balance seems to have been restored to the Lands Between, as the wonderfully generous addition has recovered to a Mostly Positive rating.

Noted by Eurogamer, we like to think those who initially took part in the bombing campaign had a legitimate change of heart en masse and returned to right their wrongful reviews after taking time to appreciate the scale of FromSoftware's achievement. Alas, it's more likely the result of the massive influx of new players, which caused Elden Ring to appear not once but twice in the UK sales charts for the month of June.

Are you glad that FromSoftware seemingly got its due, a user score more appropriately aligned with its efforts? How are your own Elden Ring adventures going? Are you making progress? Let us know in the comments section below.

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