Forgotten PS2 Launch RPG Summoner Resurrected for PS5, PS4 1
Image: Push Square

What game did you get with your PS2? Tekken Tag Tournament, perhaps? Ridge Racer 5? FantaVision?! We’re going to go out on a limb and assume not many of you picked THQ’s Summoner, an ancient WRPG with a penchant for reams of text and some scruffy visuals. Developed by Volition, this is likely one of the forgotten forays from Sony’s second system launch – but that’s not stopping it from coming to PS5 and PS4, as part of the platform holder’s emulated PS Plus Premium efforts from 16th July.

The series has actually stirred back into life in recent years, as following the formation of THQ Nordic, it was re-released on PC in 2014. While its sequel is vastly superior, this is an interesting case study for gaming academics: it’s a western RPG that pre-dates Bethesda’s domination of the genre sub-sector, so it may appeal compared to contemporary titles. It’s also going to feel archaic, though – this looked like a supercharged PS1 title even at the time of its release!

It’s another interesting addition to Sony’s retro efforts, however, which also includes the tactics classic Jeanne d’Arc this month. We’re really enjoying all of these old titles getting a second shot in the spotlight on Sony’s modern systems, and we hope that there’s many, many more ports to follow in the future.

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