Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D PS5 PlayStation

Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake arrives on PS5 in November, providing players who missed this classic JRPG with the perfect excuse to check it out. Storied Japanese outlet Famitsu got to take an extensive look at the game and was even kind enough to upload 30 minutes of 4K gameplay for the rest of us to gawk at.

Writing extensively about the experience, Famitsu seemed quite pleased with the high-production details and smart additions to the core gameplay. Battle speed can be increased, and the actions of both party members and the hero himself can be automated through different settings, making extensive grinding sessions much more forgiving. They note that the appearance of equipped weapons will change and is represented visually, which is always appreciated.

There's some pretty interesting stuff for players familiar with the original game: the direction from which the player enters a town from the field will determine their starting point. In the example Famitsu uses, in the village of Lebe, the inn is located on the southern edge of town, so entering from that direction saves walking across town. "Secret places" litter the overworld, serving as a more evolved take on the hidden points in the original game, offering rewards to those who seek them out. Check it out below; the text is in Japanese, but gloriously nostalgic gameplay transcends language.

Are you looking forward to the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake? Are you a fan of Square Enix's HD-2D styling? Let us know in the comments section below.

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