Kunitsu-Gami Okami 1

Capcom is offering an extra incentive to play its newly launched Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess demo as finishing certain tasks will reward all players with items themed around the PS2 classic Okami at launch. The PS5, PS4 demo is available to download and play now, and you have got until the full game releases on 19th July 2024 to complete the special objectives that will unlock the items.

In "Mission 1", you must get one billion crystals to drop by defeating enemies. Doing so unlocks the Soh (Amaterasu) costume and Thunder Edge weapon from Okami. Then, in "Mission 2", you need to find 15 Lucky Mallets and take pictures of them to post in response to a tweet on the Kunitsu-Gami Twitter page. Completing this objective will unlock background music from Okami and the Yoshiro (Waka) costume. The bonus items will be delivered in-game once it fully launches in a few weeks if the objectives are completed.

Having gone under the radar for much of its pre-release buildup, a series of positive previews have put the action/strategy hybrid on the map for PS5, PS4 players. In our own Kunitsu-Gami Preview, we said: "We sadly didn't get much time with this title, but even with our brief window, it did enough to get its unique concept across. This really does have a lot of potential, if it can successfully build on its core ideas as you work through the story." Now there's a demo available, you can take it for a spin yourself and work towards some Okami-themed bonuses in the process.

Have you tried the Kunitsu-Gami PS5, PS4 demo yet? Share your first impressions in the comments below.

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