Despite its overall popularity, Bleach has always been severely underrepresented in video games — especially compared to the likes of Naruto and One Piece. That's about to change, however, with Bleach: Rebirth of Souls. Freshly announced at Anime Expo 2024, this adaptation covers a good chunk of the source material, through to the Arrancar arc.

It's being categorised as an 'action fighting' game, but from what we've seen, it's essentially an arena fighter with a story mode. Gameplay has a focus on turning the tides of battle with devastating strikes — just like in the manga and anime.

Rebirth of Souls is being developed by longstanding Japanese studio Tamsoft, which has worked on a huge number of projects over the years. Most recently, it's been known for the Senran Kagura games, but it also had a hand in 2021's Melty Blood: Type Lumina.

The reveal trailer's a little barebones, and there's no release window yet, so we're going to assume that it's targeting a 2025 launch. We'll no doubt be seeing more of it in the relatively near future.

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