The outlandish – and, frankly, off-the-wall – Hyperdimension Neptunia spin-off game, Neptunia Riders vs Dogoos, will release physically and digitally in the west next year for PS5 and PS4. The game – which is already available in Japan – takes the series in an unexpected direction, where you use a motorcycle to gather non-descript coloured blobs in large maps.

There’s a competitive aspect to the gameplay, where you need to compete against rival riders to accumulate more Dogoos than them. “Certain characters shine more in close combat, while others excel in long-range attacks,” the press release reveals. “Find the strengths (and weaknesses, of course) to become a true Dogoo bounty hunter!”

This game didn’t exactly set the sales charts alight when it launched in Japan, and reviews were middling at best, but there’s a PS2 energy to these types of oddball titles that at least helps them to stand out in a sea of samey releases. We’ll of course bring you our full review when the title launches in 2025.