With A Quiet Place: Day One now out in cinemas worldwide, Remothered developer Stormind Games is capitalising on the IP's renewed interest with a fresh story trailer focusing on the video game spin-off A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead.

Viewable above, footage depicts action from both the day of the alien invasion and then more than three months later on day 105 as survivors quietly scavenge for aid and resources. "You play as Alex, an asthmatic college student trying to survive the end of the world with her boyfriend Martin," the IGN description reveals. The game is currently slated to come to PS5 later this year.

Just like the films, keeping silent to avoid the attention of the alien invaders will be paramount to your survival. "With nothing more than your wits and the simple tools you can scavenge, you’ll have to overcome the many treacherous challenges and obstacles that lay ahead, all while trying to survive an ever-present threat of the unknown enemies."

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