A Little to the Left is an adorable, relaxing puzzler that's all about tidying up. You'd think that organising objects and sorting assortments wouldn't be much fun in a game, but it's a tactile, satisfying title that allows for multiple solutions on many of its levels. It's this aspect of the game that's the focus for its latest DLC, named Seeing Stars — and it's out very soon.

Seeing Stars brings 33 new levels to A Little to the Left, with five bonus stages for you to unlock as well. There are 100 stars to earn across all these puzzles, meaning you can solve each of them in more than one way — some as many as five ways. Another big focus here is the introduction of objects that can be interacted with to change their shape, like retracting a utility knife, or unwinding a cassette tape. It'll be worth experimenting to see what items can change their state to suit the puzzle.

Really, though, this seems to mostly be just more of what people love about A Little to the Left — clever, satisfying puzzles, cute presentation, and cats. The Seeing Stars DLC will be available on PS5 and PS4 on 25th June, 2024.

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