Never assume humanity is out of ideas. KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat is a side-scrolling action platformer about a cute little cat that can transform into an outrageously ripped bodybuilder in order to fight off invading aliens. Need we say more?

The game failed to meet its funding goal on Kickstarter, but has since become something of a viral success on Steam. The result is that the anime-inspired title is being ported to consoles later this year, though there's no release date as yet.

KinnikuNeko is essentially a fast-paced mix of platforming and beat-'em-up style combat. You spend much of the game in the character's muscular state, but there are also sequences in which you'll play as the cat pre-transformation, and each state of course has its own abilities. It looks suitably silly, but also pretty fun. We're unsure whether it has the substance to go with the style, but it'll probably be a good laugh finding out.

Are you interested in KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat? Will you be playing it when it hits PS5 and PS4?