Playtonic Games has announced it's bringing back the original Yooka-Laylee game for a current-gen remaster, with the first footage revealed in the trailer above. Along with the usual graphics enhancements, there's also going to be a "new camera, improved controls, ability tweaks, [and] remixed and new challenges". A release date wasn't shared, and while a PS5 version isn't explicitly mentioned, it seems a certainty.

The visuals have been treated to an "overhaul" and there'll be "enhanced" performance options and resolutions, a press release reveals. There'll be a new collectible in the form of currency dropped by enemies that can be spent on a vending machine, a new world map makes exploration easier, and there'll be new tonics along with the ability to equip a few at once. Then, a new move set "allows you to combine moves more fluidly while the new camera controls makes framing the action a breeze". Finally, the original score has been rearranged by an orchestra.

More information will be shared in an online Q&A on 11th June 2024 with community manager Steve James and some founding members of Playtonic Games. "Marking the culmination of almost 10 years of Playtonic Experience along with an exciting new beginning for our favourite buddy-duo, Yooka-Replaylee is the result of the growth of the company, the things we have learned while working on other projects as well as the feedback we have taken on board since the original release."

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