Wolverine PS5 Gameplay

Near the end of last year, Marvel's Spider-Man developer and PlayStation Studios outfit Insomniac Games was hit with a "distressing" data breach that leaked all kinds of information from within the company. Here in the space of gaming enthusiasts, the leak was mostly talked about because it produced a huge amount of gameplay footage and assets from upcoming PS5 exclusive, Marvel's Wolverine.

And now, more of that footage — we assume from the same initial leak — is starting to appear online. We won't be posting the specifics here, but we've seen a fairly lengthy gameplay clip that shows the man himself traversing an open world environment. He then gets into a big old fight with some shady mercenary types.

Now, obviously, the footage is very early. A lot of the assets aren't anywhere close to being finished, and the animations are extremely hit and miss. However, you can absolutely see the DNA of Marvel's Spider-Man in how the camera follows Wolverine and how he interacts with the environment (web-swinging aside, of course). The combat appears to be much bloodier, though, as you'd probably expect.

Anyway, since videos like this seem to be doing the rounds again, we'd advise caution if you're looking to avoid anything on Marvel's Wolverine ahead of its eventual re-reveal.

Are you looking forward to seeing Marvel's Wolverine in action? Try not to brutalise anyone in the comments section below.