Metaphor ReFantazio Story

It's only just got done with Metaphor: ReFantazio's second gameplay showcase, but Atlus has already announced a third deep dive that's scheduled for the 6th July. This upcoming broadcast will focus on the game's story, the finer details of which have remained a bit of a mystery up until this point.

"This is a story of how people must find unity to elect a new king", reads the title's official website. "Our story takes place in The United Kingdom of Euchronia, where the assassination of the king brings chaos and unrest to the land. Then, one fateful day, a magic known only to the king called the Royal Magic is invoked, and the world becomes embroiled in a royal tournament for the throne."

It continues: "In the midst of this, the protagonist, together with his partner, the fairy Galica, must find a way to break the curse that has been placed on the prince that the kingdom believes to be dead. To do so, they depart on a journey across the vast land." It's certainly an intriguing overview.

However, we are starting to feel a little hesitant about watching yet another Metaphor showcase. Based on what we've seen so far, and given Atlus' pedigree, we're pretty much sold on the RPG as is — and there's a fear that seeing more of it may just dilute the eventual experience. We're sure many of you feel the same.

Still, the fact that Atlus is hosting all these presentations shows that the company's confident in its creation.

Will you be watching more of Metaphor next month? Begin your journey for the fate of the kingdom in the comments section below.

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