Medieval follow-up Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 could only be about 25 per cent bigger than the original game due to the limitations imposed by the Xbox Series S console, Warhorse Studios has claimed. Speaking at the Game Access Conference, as reported by Czech outlet, producer Martin Klíma suggested the 10GB of RAM in the cheaper Microsoft system limited what the team could do in the sequel. As a result, the second game is only 25 per cent larger than the first.

While the less powerful Xbox Series S utilises 10GB of RAM, the PS5 and Xbox Series X both contain 16GB. According to Warhorse Studios, this has been enough of an issue during development to limit the scope of its game. This isn't the first time there have been reports of the Xbox Series S causing issues for developers, with it also being a factor in why Baldur's Gate 3 arrived late on Microsoft boxes.

Also during the conference, it was confirmed Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 will utilise a 4K resolution at 30 frames-per-second on PS5 and Xbox Series X. On Xbox Series S, it targets the same frame rate at 1440p.

Warhorse Studios spoke of its "bigger, better, and more ambitious" sequel upon its original reveal in April, where it confirmed a play space "two times bigger" than the first game along with almost double the amount of cutscenes.

"Live life through the eyes and actions of Henry, a young man on a quest to avenge his murdered parents. His story – illustrated with over five hours of stunning cinematics – takes him from aspiring warrior to rebel, crossing paths with a charismatic cast of characters and an unforgettable set of adventures, as he goes up against the King of Hungary, Sigismund the Red Fox and his fearsome allies." The game is scheduled to release for PS5 this year.

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