DOOM: The Dark Ages PS5 PlayStation

DOOM: The Dark Ages was just revealed and looks absolutely spectacular. In fantastic news for the PlayStation faithful, id Software's next explosive shooter has been announced as coming to PS5 on day one, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed to whom we owe this good fortune.

Sitting down with IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, Spencer revealed that the plan has been to bring the next DOOM to PlayStation for a few years now: "It's a franchise that I think everyone deserves to play. When I met with Marty [Stratton] a couple of years ago, I asked what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted to sell it on all platforms. Simple as that."

Simple as that. DOOM: The Dark Ages is a prequel, telling an origin story of sorts for the DOOM Slayer. The shift to an earlier era looks like it will introduce all kinds of wonderful bladed and blunt instruments of destruction, along with the best-in-class gunplay you'd expect from the legendary development house.

Are you looking forward to getting to grips with DOOM: The Dark Ages in 2025? In the comments section below, show your appreciation to good guys Stratton and Spencer.