More than a decade after the first game, Crazy Viking Studios has announced Volgarr the Viking 2 is a thing and it's just around the corner. The sequel releases for PS5 and PS4 on 6th August 2024, and you can get your first look in the trailer above. It's designed to be just as difficult as the original, but new features like checkpoints, unlimited continues, save profiles, and a practice mode provide some flexibility for those who need it.

Kristofor Durrschmidt, CEO and creative director at Crazy Viking Studios, said that a design philosophy of "easy to learn, hard to master" guided every facet of development. "We learned a lot from launching the original, and even with some modern updates, fans are going to love the sequel. Volgarr is still a game where, if you want the ultimate experience, you’ll need to really master what it asks of you."

Depending on how well you perform throughout the game, you'll be handed one of six different endings, with a "secret final boss" hidden behind a specific level. Compared to the original, there'll be new items and power-ups to use, another roster of bosses to beat, and the aforementioned accessibility options for those who need a bit of extra help.

Digital Eclipse head Mike Mika added: "One of our key pillars is making new games the old-fashioned way. We love and celebrate games where every pixel is hand-crafted. Volgarr was one of those games we couldn't put down, no matter how hard it was. Games like this are a rare breed, and we're happy to play a role in seeing Volgarr II realized."

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