Valorant Won't Have Gyro Controls on PS5 Because Xbox Doesn't Support It 1
Image: Push Square

Gyro controls are finally becoming more widely accepted by game developers, with huge titles like Call of Duty and Fortnite both now supporting the feature. Upcoming hero shooter Valorant, which is finally coming to consoles, will not incorporate the functionality, however – as it’s worried about giving PS5 players an unfair advantage over those on the Xbox Series X|S.

Sony’s futuristic DualSense includes a whole suite of features, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a very accurate gyroscope. The latter can be used in collaboration with traditional analogue sticks to allow players to finetune their aim, adding a level of precision that closes the gap on keyboard and mouse control.

However, because Valorant will be completely crossplay between consoles, developer Riot is concerned it may be seen to favour one player base over another. “[Gyro controls are] not a blind spot for us, but it’s not supported on Xbox controllers natively,” product management lead Coleman Palm explained. “If we leaned super hard into gyro being ‘the way to play’ on console, we’d be heavily favouring PS5 over Xbox, which we don’t want to do.” Palm goes on to explain that he does think “gyro aiming is cool”, and thus it’s clearly something Riot has looked into.

While the explanation is totally reasonable, it’s no less disappointing for PS5 owners, who’ve come to enjoy gyro aiming across a number of titles. While it’s important for the competitive aspect of Valorant that it doesn’t offer any individual platform an advantage, fans may feel frustrated that Xbox’s perceived limitations are once again holding PlayStation back.