Valorant Is Another Free PS5 FPS with a Rubbish Trophy List 1

The Trophy lists for free-to-play first-person shooters continue to disappoint, with Valorant the latest to settle for a lousy 16 gongs and no Platinum. The extremely popular XDefiant from Ubisoft served up a similar list earlier in the year, and we’d begin to believe this was PlayStation policy if it wasn’t for a slew of other major free-to-play titles serving up full lists.

In the case of Riot Games’ enormous hero shooter, you’ll get gongs for racking up 1,000 headshots, dealing an outrageous amount of damage, and even using your abilities 4,000 times. A lot of these Trophies are going to come naturally during gameplay, and so you won’t have to specifically go out of your way to earn them.

Trophies aren’t really all that important in live service offerings like this, of course, but it’d be nice to see a Platinum included just to round out the rewards. We’re not entirely sure why so many major free-to-play games are foregoing the silvery-blue pots these days – our understanding is that any game, regardless of scale or business model, can include a top gong these days.

Should free-to-play games include a Platinum Trophy? (633 votes)

  1. Yes, there's no reason not to57%
  2. I'm not fussed either way27%
  3. No, Trophies aren't important16%