The Trails through Daybreak demo is available to download now on PS5 and PS4, weighing in at 12.7GB. It covers both the game's prologue and its first chapter, meaning that it's a fairly robust offering. What's more, the progress that you make can be carried over to the full release when it launches next month, on the 5th July.

Just to be clear, there is no native PS5 version of the demo, but you'll still be able to transfer your save to the PS5 version of the game. We're not really sure why this is the case, but it's no real issue since PS5 users can just play the PS4 demo via backwards compatibility.

Regular readers will know that we've got high hopes for Trails through Daybreak. The RPG marks the beginning of a new saga in Falcom's long-running series, and should prove to be a solid starting point if you're coming at the franchise fresh. It also has an overhauled combat system and a boatload of graphical enhancements over previous instalments.

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