Trails through Daybreak 2 Leak

The first game isn't even out yet here in the West (it releases next week, on the 5th July), but a PSN leak appears to have just confirmed that its sequel is also heading our way — with a suggestion that a localisation announcement could be coming much sooner than anticipated.

Trails through Daybreak's sequel is called Kuro no Kiseki 2: Crimson Sin in Japan, but just hours ago from the posting of this article, eagle-eyed PS5 user @Hansuke21 spotted something strange about the game's logo on Sony's system. Indeed, a localised version of the logo has replaced the previously Japanese emblem, which obviously points towards plans being in place.

RPG Site has since backed this evidence up, and so now, we're just wondering whether an announcement really is incoming. All eyes will be on publisher NIS America, as the company is hosting a Trails through Daybreak panel at Anime Expo on the 5th July. It's already teased a "Big Reveal" for that one...

Anyway, it looks like the localised title is simply Trails through Daybreak 2. If it is officially announced in the near future, we'll be sure to cover it.

In the meantime, let us know if you can handle all of these Trails games in the comments section below.

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