Tomba Special Edition Improvements

Last week, Tomba Special Edition — a full re-release of the classic PS1 platforming adventure — nailed down an August launch date. However, additional details have been few and far between, with the official announcement simply stating that the Special Edition will boast "new features".

Fortunately, we now know what those features are, thanks to the game's updated Steam page. It lists the following enhancements:

  • Save Anywhere! No more worrying about heading back to a checkpoint
  • Rewind - Stuck on a difficult challenge? Try again!
  • Toggle for analog control.
  • A museum crammed with classic print advertisements, original packaging and manuals, never- before-seen dev documents, and high-res original artwork
  • A new remastered soundtrack
  • Interview with the creator, Tokuro Fujiwara

In short, it's the kind of stuff that we've come to expect from such revivals — but they're welcome quality of life additions all the same.

For what it's worth, the original Tomba! wasn't a particularly difficult game, but it did have its moments of brutality, as was the trend at the time. As alluded through the above bullet point, its checkpoint system was a potential a source of frustration, as branching level design meant that you could end up losing quite a bit of progress upon death.

Do these new features sound good to you? Are you ready to leap back into Tomba in August? Don't let those pigs escape in the comments section below.