State of Play Leak

You may not be aware, but PlayStation's latest State of Play broadcast — the one that happened just last week — was leaked in its entirety just hours before it was publicly shown. We saw the leak ourselves but decided not to report on it for two reasons: the first being that we didn't know for sure if it was real, and the second being that we didn't want to spoil the whole thing for anyone reading.

But yes, it did turn out to be 100% accurate, and together with a new report from 404 Media about huge Google leaks, it's clear that this is becoming a big problem. Insider Gaming writes that "within 18 hours" of the aforementioned State of Play being scheduled on YouTube — it was a pre-recorded presentation, not a live show — four different people sent the website a full list of the 14 featured games. In other words, at least four people, who have access to private videos on YouTube, decided to go ahead and leak the whole event to anyone who'd listen.

And again, this is a growing problem. We won't list them off here, but you may already know of several Twitter accounts — or insiders — who seem to drop details on yet-to-be-announced projects just days or hours before they're officially revealed. It's highly likely that these individuals have access to private media on sites like YouTube — or they're at least being given that information via a source.

Google has conducted investigations into how these leaks happen, but the ins and outs of that process are largely unknown. What's more, it's unclear just how many employees may have access to private uploads and similar information. But if things do keep leaking — and not just when it comes to gaming — then there's no doubt that Google will be pushed to do something (if it isn't already).

It's a rather bizarre situation, isn't it? But how do you feel about leaks, especially with these details in mind? Don't keep things private in the comments section below.

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