The Last of Us 2's Story Could Take Three HBO Seasons to Complete 1
Image: Push Square

Love it or loathe it, The Last of Us 2’s story is a complicated beast, with many overlapping threads and a lot of ground to cover. It’s perhaps not overly surprising that the director of HBO’s adaptation Craig Mazin is plotting at least two seasons of television to tell the tale – and that could potentially spill over into a third as well.

Work is currently underway on the anticipated second season, which has now been confirmed to run just seven episodes. That’s two shorter than the first season, although it’ll end at a “natural breaking point”. Our guess is that things will conclude with the showdown between Ellie and Abby in the theatre, although it depends on how exactly Mazin and co decide to adapt the plot.

Whichever way the narrative is broken up, Mazin believes he may not be able to tell the story he wants within two seasons. He suggested there are a lot of “interesting pathways” he wants to follow, so you can probably expect a deeper exploration of some of the characters, similar to how Bill and Frank got much more airtime in the first season.

The question is: how much is too much The Last of Us? Clearly, it’s going to take at least two full seasons to recap the plot of The Last of Us 2, and that’s a lot of television. Are you still excited for this show, and how do you think the second title’s tale should be adapted? Steer clear of any golf clubs in the comments section below.