Say what you will about Ubisoft, it knows how to dish out decent post-release support. There’s only so many articles we can write here at Push Square, so we’ll gloss over some additional news to make our point: For Honor, now over eight years old, is still getting meaningful content updates on PS4. That gives you some kind of indication of just how strongly the French firm supports its games.

And developer Ivory Tower has always been similarly committed to its The Crew games, so it’s perhaps no real surprise it’s plotting a free update with an entire island for everyone that owns the latest instalment, The Crew Motorfest. Naturally, this will come with new races, rewards, and more – and it also gives the developer a new playground to add fresh Playlists to, such as the Made in Japan series of races.

Ubisoft will also be supporting the title through its second year and beyond, meaning you can expect new seasons, cars, and content, including the Chase Squad mode, which is due in November and depicted in the trailer embedded above. Basically, it’s as simple as this: if you’ve got The Crew Motorfest installed on your console, you won’t be removing it for quite some time.