We’ve always been rather fond of sports games compilations, even if they’re not overly common on consoles anymore. God bless publisher GameMill, then, for announcing Looney Tunes: Wacky World of Sports – an arcade outing featuring four sports, including basketball, tennis, golf, and football for up to four players.

Featuring nine iconic characters with unique special moves, you’ll be able to choose from Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Taz, Wile E. Coyote, and the Road Runner. There’ll also be a ton of familiar backdrops, including Porky’s Barn, Foghorn’s Farm, and Road Runner’s Canyon. As you’d expect, Acme will be on hand to provide some power-ups.

The press release teases: “Compete against friends and family with the Looney Tunes squad in basketball, soccer, golf and tennis. Play your way solo or in four-player local co-op and choose the characters that best suit your play style. Avoid wacky obstacles and gain power-ups to incite chaos as you control your favourite Looney Tunes all-stars!”

While its output can be up-and-down, GameMill has generally carved out a niche for itself based on these licensed properties. The last Looney Tunes sports game, Galactic Sports, launched as a PS Vita exclusive in 2015, and was fun despite its flaws. We’re genuinely looking forward to this new compilation, then, even if we’re anticipating some ropey gameplay in places.

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