While it’s currently only confirmed for PC, developer Digital Eclipse has said that its retro-inspired 16-bit beat-‘em-up Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind will also come to consoles. While it didn’t specify exactly which ones, it’s probably safe to assume given PlayStation’s popularity that PS5 and PS4 will be likely candidates.

As for the game itself, it just looks fantastic. There are side-scrolling levels like on the SNES or SEGA Genesis, mixed with Space Harrier-style scrolling shooter stages. According to the developer, the game has “an original storyline that both respects and remixes Power Rangers lore with scenarios and gameplay that will be both familiar and new to [Power Rangers] fans”.

This was comfortably one of the best announcements at Summer Game Fest, perhaps only let down by the dismally disappointing animated cutscenes, which don’t match the style and quality of the artwork in the main game. Nevertheless, we can forgive the foray some crappy cinematics if the core retro gameplay is on point. Go, go, Power Rangers!

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