Tekken 8 Patch 1.05 Patch Notes

Tekken 8 is now approaching its five-month anniversary, and it's about to receive its biggest update yet in terms of gameplay adjustment. The anticipated patch 1.05 is comically being referred to as '1.0' by some players, acknowledging the sheer number of changes — many of which are quite significant. Tekken 8's finally out of beta!

Jokes aside, this really is a colossal update. It makes fundamental tweaks to core mechanics, rebalances almost every character in some way, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues. In a nutshell, patch 1.05 looks to buff individual character strengths and 3D movement, while toning down combo damage and the effectiveness of throws. Tekken 8 will still be a highly aggressive game, but the clear goal here is to make defensive actions feel more rewarding — which is probably a good thing for the title's overall longevity.

We won't be able to paste the full patch notes here because they're simply too big, but you can visit the official site to if you want to pick everything apart. Update 1.05 will go live tonight at 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT in the US, and tomorrow at 3am BST / 4am CEST in Europe.

Have you been looking forward to this huge Tekken 8 patch? Let us know if your main character got some much-needed buffs in the comments section below.

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