Paris Belle Epoque, fittingly developed by Monochrome Paris, is a surreal stealth adventure game boasting a striking art style and has been announced for release on PS5 and PS4. Players take on the role of whistleblower Anna as she flees from Paris police (with every citizen a potential informer), attempting to smuggle a lethal chemical formula out of the city.

Aided in this by her friend and former laboratory rat, Spunky, Anna will need to observe her environs, elude potential threats, and overcome fiendish puzzles, seeing the world from two perspectives: Anna's own, and that of Spunky. Failing a stealth challenge will trigger police pursuit, inspired by cartoons and a slapstick spirit for maximum fun.

What do you think of Paris Belle Epoque? Does it appeal to your inner Parisian? Elude pursuit, and get lost in the crown in the comments section below.