Surgeon Simulator Series Acquired By the Recently Revived Infogrames 1

You may recall that, earlier this year, Atari brought Infogrames back from the dead. The old school brand has been revived as a new publishing label, and while it's yet to release its first game, the company has been busy doing deals behind the scenes. Today, Infogrames has announced its acquisition of the Surgeon Simulator IP.

Previously held by tinyBuild, Surgeon Simulator is an extremely silly series that has players aiming to complete operations with purposely janky controls. It's arguably the progenitor of the simulator boom; there are now sims for countless occupations and hobbies, some of them serious but many of them similarly daft.

In a press release, Infogrames manager Geoffroy Châteauvieux said the series "remains a popular and unique franchise" with a "timeless appeal".

"Infogrames will seek to expand distribution, potentially develop new titles or content, and explore brand and merchandising collaborations as part of a long-term plan to preserve and expand the franchise," the press release reads.

Surgeon Simulator is the second IP Infogrames has purchased from tinyBuild, the first being Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

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