Sublime Action Platformer Panzer Paladin Makes Surprise Appearance on PS4 1

Tribute Games’ sublime side-scrolling action platformer Panzer Paladin has made a surprise appearance on PS4 today, having launched almost four years ago for PC and Nintendo Switch. The 8-bit outing, which is massively inspired by retro anime, sees you piloting a power armoured Paladin to battle grotesque demons.

“The key components of the swordplay mechanic includes the ability to equip and use any weapon dropped by defeated enemies, high versus low attacking and blocking, a rock-paper-scissor weapon type system that grants attack bonuses, and the ability to cast spells by breaking weapons,” the blurb reads. Think of it a little bit like Kirby – albeit a lot more violent.

There are over 100 weapons in the game, and much like in Mega Man, you can tackle the first 10 stages in any order you’d like. The game’s retailing for £14.99/$19.99, so it’s a little on the pricey side considering its age, but we’d strongly recommend adding this to your wishlist.