It’s only been a few weeks since Akuma joined the roster of Street Fighter 6, but Year 2 is just a few days away, with returning villain M. Bison available from 26th June. Narratively, it looks like the infamous villain is either some kind of clone or amnesiac – either way, he’s riding a horse and packing some pretty familiar looking moves.

Don’t worry if you prefer the old look of M. Bison, as it looks like his traditional red garb will be available as an unlockable costume. “As a series staple, M. Bison fans should feel comfortable with his move set even if he now has both charged and motion inputs,” a post from Capcom explains. “With quick wits and a big grin, his pressure game is unmatched against grounded opponents. Psycho Power still courses through his veins as do iconic moves like Psycho Crusher and Double Knee Press.”