In many ways, Star Wars Outlaws is another Ubisoft game, with many of the same systems and mechanics you’ll already be familiar with – but that doesn’t mean it’s not impressive. This game appears to have some of the most densely populated, gorgeously detailed sandbox environments we’ve seen on PS5 to date – and if you don’t believe us, just check out the trailer embedded above.

There’s so much to like here, from the small details like the playable arcade minigames through to the seamless space exploration and land-based traversal. Even the user interface, with its surprisingly beautiful fonts, deserves a mention. But yes, we should also point out, you will be engaging in familiar activities: clearing outposts and uncovering map markers – you know the drill.

The blurb reads: “Experience the first-ever open world Star Wars game, set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Explore distinct locations across the galaxy, both iconic and new. Risk it all as Kay Vess, a scoundrel seeking freedom and the means to start a new life, along with her companion Nix. Fight, steal, and outwit your way through the galaxy's crime syndicates as you join the galaxy's most wanted.”

It adds: “Take on high-risk, high-reward missions from the galaxy's crime syndicates. Steal valuable goods, infiltrate secret locations, and outwit enemies as one of the galaxy's most wanted. Every choice you make influences your ever-changing reputation. Pilot your ship, the Trailblazer, as you engage in thrilling dogfights with The Empire and other foes. Find the right opportunities to chase, evade, and attack to get the upper hand.”

Impressive stuff, eh?

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