Let’s not beat around the bush: Shadow the Hedgehog was definitively uncool when he debuted on PS2 back in 2005. But time is a flat circle, and public opinion on the character has completely transformed in recent years. He’s now very well-liked, and will even be voiced by Keanu Reeves in Paramount’s upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie.

Sonic X Shadow Generations is part remaster, part sequel – as it bundles together an upgraded version of 2011’s PS3 game, with an all-new adventure starring the black blur. This gameplay footage features a boss battle against a Biolizard, as well as some Space Colony gameplay. In it, we get a glimpse of Shadow’s Chaos Control, which allows him to temporarily freeze time while he inflicts mass damage.

Honestly, this is all looking really slick from where we’re sitting. The level design looks extremely strong, and the combat on point. It’s been fun to witness Sonic’s redemption arc these past few years, as the movies have attracted strong reviews and the games have gradually improved. While the open world Sonic Frontiers wasn’t perfect, we liked it, and this looks like another must-play so far.

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