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Hiroyuki Sanada, hot off the success of FX's Shogun, is reportedly in talks for a role in Sony's upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film. While no further information was forthcoming, fans quickly decided which role the talented actor would best suit.

That's according to DanielRPK (thanks, The Game Awards), an industry insider behind repeated leaks. Sanada already boasts an impressive list of IMDB credits, but his role as Yoshii Toranaga appears to have propelled him to all-new heights. At the risk of typecasting the talented actor, it doesn't take a casting director to see that Sanada would be an absolute slam dunk for the complex role of Lord Shimura, protagonist Jin Sakai's samurai mentor and liege-lord.

Announced in 2021, Sony's Ghost of Tsushima flick, helmed by John Wick 4 director Chad Stahelski, is progressing but appears to be a way off. Back in November, Stahelski said that "studios, strikes, availabilities, and scouting" were to blame, causing production delays.

Could you see Sanada as Shimura? Are there any actors you'd like to see take on the role of Jin? Speculate wildly in the comments section below.