As long as there are players still logging in, Ubisoft will provide content for them. Skull and Bones may not have set the sales charts alight, then, but the French publisher remains committed to the sailing sim’s roadmap, with a fair amount of new content on the way. Season 2, available now, centres on a new narrative arc, featuring two so-called Sea Lords in the form of the Hubac Twins. It also adds a new megalodon sea monster, an additional boat, and various events and activities to keep you occupied.

It'll be followed by Season 3, which is bringing an actual dragon to the mix as a new sea monster, as well as a brand new 5v5 competitive multiplayer mode. You can also expect fresh activities, rewards, and more. So, lots to look forward to if you’re still sailing the high seas, then – clearly this hasn’t been the most successful Ubisoft release ever, but we liked it quite a lot in our Skull and Bones PS5 review.