You’ve probably already heard of Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland, an 8-bit escapade designed to look and feel like a classic licensed NES outing. But did you know it’ll also feature full 4K visuals designed to match the look and feel of the original cartoon? You’ll be able to toggle between the two art styles with the push of a button, as demonstrated in the trailer above.

It’s worth noting, this is an entirely new game, built and designed with modern sensibilities – albeit with the enforced restrictions of an original 8-bit game. However, the modern art style means you’ll be able to appreciate the adventure with a completely different look – it’s a bit like getting the original game and its remaster all in one release.

There’s still no date attached to this beyond a vague 2024 window, and unfortunately physical copies have already sold out on Limited Run Games. Nevertheless, you can expect to find the full game available to download from the PS Store at some point later this year.